What we do

What we do 2019-04-12T12:57:24+00:00
  • Promoting and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of social work practice in Malta;

  • Serving as the voice of social workers in their commitment for greater social justice through better services and social policies;

  • Creating a representative forum of the professional interests of social workers;

  • Enhance professional development of social workers;

  • Advocating for the Social Work Profession on a national Level and influencing national policy;

  • Encouraging recruitment in the social work profession;

  • Co-operating with others involved in the promotion of welfare and health of individuals and the social well-being of the community;

  • Establishing and maintain relationships with other social workers, their professional associations and social work agencies in other countries so that social work in Malta can keep abreast with international developments;

  • Ensuring that the social work profession is self-regulated to the greatest extent possible whilst maintaining the necessary degree of social accountability;

  • Interpreting to the community the contribution of professional social work;

  • National and International networking opportunities;

  • Participate in consolations forums on current issues;

  • Offer Support during research studies.