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M.A.S.W. started in late 1992, when a Steering Committee was established with the aim of setting up an association to defend the interests of the social work profession and social workers.  The Committee moved the process towards the approval of the first statute of the Association in July 1993.  Subsequent to this, the Association was formed and it was officially launched in January 1994.

Since its inception, the aim of the Association was to promote and enhance the quality of social work practice in Malta and to be the voice of social workers as they strive for social justice, and for the implementation of social services and policies which enhance the lives and protect the most vulnerable members of society.


The M.A.S.W. has been very active in lobbying for regulating the social work profession and for more recognition for the profession and its practitioners.  One of the positive results of its efforts was the enactment of the Social Work Profession Act in 2003, and the subsequent establishment of the Social Work Profession Board.


The Association has, over the years, been vocal in advocating for issues the profession deems significant, protecting the interests of its members, and of the service users they serve.  It has done this through issuing press statements and providing feedback during consultation processes, besides others.  The Association has also been active in the provision of training for social workers.  It is currently awaiting the finalisation of the upgraded Code of Ethics for the profession, a process which it has contributed actively too.