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Charlene Martin
Charlene Martin Chairperson
Charlene Martin has been part of the MASW Executive since March 2014 and, since March 2017, she has been serving as Chairperson of the same committee. She has been working with Agency Appogg within the Foundation of Social Welfare Service for more than 13 years on a full time basis, attaining the position of senior social worker and coordinator. Her experience has been mostly in the area of young people with behavioural difficulties and addictions but she also worked for some years within the Child Protection Service. Besides her social work qualification, Ms Martin has a Master degree in Youth and Community from the University of Malta and also works as a youth worker on a part-time basis. Her areas of interest in social work are social work with young people, addictions, the enhancement of the social work profession and the continuous professional development of social workers.
Roslynn Vella
Roslynn VellaVice Chairperson & Representative MFPA
Ms Roslynn Vella has been a member of the MASW Executive since 2007 and is currently the Vice President of the Executive, covering also International activities. Ms Vella is a warranted social worker with vast years of work experience in the public sector, currently occupying the post of Director Education Logistics, Support and Administration within the Ministry of Education. Ms Vella holds a Masters qualification In Human Resources & Management and a post graduate degree in Social Policy. In the past, she worked within residential care, and generic services, besides being a board member of the Malta Social Work Profession Board, the Adoption Board and the Children & Young Persons Advisory Board. She is passionate about social justice, particularly in the area of looked after children and also standards and procedures of social services. Ms Vella is also a foster carer.
Carly Zarb
Carly ZarbSecretary
Carly graduated from the University of Malta with a B.A (Hons) in Social Work 2 years ago and has worked within the Child Protection Service ever since. For two consecutive years, Carly occupied the role of Social Policy Officer within the organisation TDM2000 Malta which its aim is to enhance youth participation and contribution to society on a local and international level. In her free time, she also teaches dance and is involved in local theatre productions. Carly is committed to ensuring that the well-being of the service users remains the core focus of her work whilst at the same time, she is also motivated and driven to continue advocating for the social work profession.
Andrew Azzopardi
Andrew Azzopardi International Relations Officer & Representative on the University Board of Studies
Andrew Azzopardi is a qualified social worker and specialises in safeguarding children. He worked in the public sector as a practitioner and manager, where he completed complex child protection investigations and worked with asylum-seeking children. He previously worked with the NSPCC in England where he completed risk assessments and offered therapy in child sexual abuse cases with both victims and sex offenders. More recently he headed the safeguarding investigations team at the Football Association in England. Andrew holds a masters degree in international politics and human rights from City University London. Andrew is the Head of the Safeguarding Commission and Director of Kummissjoni Ejjew Ghandi.
Maria Borg Pellicano
Maria Borg Pellicano Continuing Professional Development
Maria Borg Pellicano is a warranted social worker. During these last five years, Maria worked as a social worker in the areas of adoption, with patents at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, and is currently working with vulnerable women involved in prostitution. Maria also worked in residential settings, particularly in the disability sector. Maria is actively involved in voluntary work within communities both locally and abroad, and she is motivated in the struggle for social justice. Maria initially started off with a B.Psy course from which she graduated in 2011, and then continued reading for a degree in social work. Maria is currently reading for a master’s degree in Occupational Psychology at the University of Leicester.
Michael Farrugia
Michael FarrugiaEvents and Campaign Officer & Representative on the Social Work Professional Board
Michael Farrugia is a social worker by profession. He has been in the profession for the past six years and has worked in the areas of Out of Home Care, Social Work with the LGBTIQ community and is currently working with Perpetrator’s services within the National Agency for Social Work.

Michael has been involved in LGBTIQ activism and advocacy for the past four years. He was part of the executive committee of the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement for four consecutive years. Michael still contributes as a social worker within the Rainbow Support Service of the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement.

Michael is now one of the new members of the Maltese Association of Social Workers. He is working with the committee on the area of continuous professional development for social care professionals.

Jillian Spiteri
Jillian SpiteriMembership Officer
In 2019, Jillian graduated from the University of Malta with a B.A. (Hons) in Social Work. She has started her first experience within the social work profession with the Directorate of Child Protection. Jillian was part of Pulse for eight years which its aim as a student organisation is to address student affairs, keep close contact to the students and voice their opinions through PRs, meetings with the authorities, social policy, elections and campaigns. Her main roles within the organisation were Junior College Coordinator, Education Coordinator and University Coordinator.

Jillian is focused and motivated to keep enhancing her skills within the social work profession, with the aim of practising social work at a level that the profession merits.

Kerry Hermitage
Kerry HermitageCurrent Affairs, PR Officer & Representatives MFPA
Kerry graduated from the Masters of Social Work in 2020 and she is now applying for her doctoral studies in social work. She always had a passion for social justice and advocating for change, the social work profession was always where she wanted to be. She is the Head of Residential Services and Social Worker within YMCA Malta and in this role she oversee the running of the homeless shelters and the teams within them, whilst always growing and improving the quality of our service.

As a social worker she believe that an integral part of the profession is advocating for change and for this reason she also participates in a number of networks related to poverty, gender-based violence and homelessness, both locally and internationally, as well as chairing the Platform Against Homelessness.

She joined the MASW Executive as she is extremely proud of my profession and believe that MASW is essential in uniting social workers and ensuring that the profession gets the recognition it deserves. She feels privileged to contribute in any way she can to the promotion of our profession which will essentially increase our professional standing, enhancing our voice and making our fight for change more possible, as we really are stronger together.

Carmel Bezzina
Carmel BezzinaTreasurer & Assistant Secretary
Carmel graduated with a degree in social work from the University of Malta in 2005 and currently he is a residential social worker with Dar tal-Providenza. He also worked as a social worker with Agenzija Sapport and held other positions in the social and educational sectors with various entities. He also graduated with a Masters in Inclusive Education and Communities from the University of Malta in 2010.

On a personal level he is a father to a six-year-old daughter. He is a fitness enthusiast and practice various physical activities, mainly weights and bodyweight training, yoga, and trekking. These help him stay in shape; both physically and mentally. IHe is a practicing catholic and passionate about social and environmental issues. His motto is “Live to love, love to live”.

He decided to contest the election for the MASW committee as he want to contribute, together with the other members, for a better recognition of our profession. He also believe that MASW is an important tool for us social workers to come together, support each other and celebrate our achievements.